Monday, July 21, 2008

Stop Biotech Intimidation

In May, an article in the Chicago Tribune relayed information that the White House (led by Mr. Bush and his Monsanto pals) is attempting to bully famine stricken countries into planting Genetically Engineered (GE) crops.

This requirement comes as part of a $770 million dollar aid package that seems to justify the forcefulness in spreading untested, unregulated GE seeds--making it "a-ok." To date, there are at least 40 countries around the world that have curbed GE farming as well as the use of GE ingredients in food by requiring mandatory labeling on food packages. There are also plenty of other intelligent nations that have banned the use of GE seeds in both agriculture and food production altogether.

But why doesn't the U.S. see any problem with GE food?
It is apparent that the majority of people in America love their convenience foods so much that they just don't care how the food is made or where it comes from. However, as it is in our own country, food costs are increasing around the world in such a way that the average family is really struggling to put food on the table. Yet, it is even more complicated and disheartening in places such as sub-Saharan Africa.

Therefore, it seems that the propaganda in which GE modified crops will save the world, is something that the average person might want to believe in. However, beyond the obvious environmental and health concerns that have not been studied extensively enough, it has been demonstrated that GE crops do not significantly increase yields.

As a matter of fact, these farmers in the poorest countries who are coerced into growing GE crops are actually forced to stop saving their own seeds, pay for high priced GE seeds which are unable to be saved, and purchase toxic chemicals that aid in seed growth--all of which are patented and owned by my favorite "evil company of all time"--Monsanto--in addition to others such as DuPont, Syngenta, BASF and Bayer. The unfortunate part of this is that the farmers are not actually able to afford to continue purchasing seeds and chemicals, which often leaves them worse off because they become dependent on these major corporations for their crop production. (Monsanto actually has a patented Suicide Gene, which makes it impossible for seed saving.)

On a global scale, currently, the root cause of hunger has much to do with "free-trade" agreements and the current market conditions. It has less to do with crop yields and patented hybrid crops which are not actually guaranteed to be drought resistant. Therefore, struggling countries need to be able to gain control over their own food supply to feed their own people, and not have a majority of it exported or controlled by giant Agri-businesses.

If you feel moved to take action today, please urge your Congresspersons to reject the Bush Administration's $150 million allocation for "Big Biotech" by signing the petition at Organic Consumers Website.

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